Paige Gibson Homes Brand Reveal


I am so excited to reveal the branding for my incredible 1 on 1 branding client Paige Gibson Homes! Paige is a realtor serving the greater Twin Cities area and beyond and it was such an honor to work with her to craft a bespoke brand together from the ground up.

When Paige first came to me, she was entering into a new season of business and she wanted to start off on the right foot with a strong foundation of branding. I love working so closely with my custom branding clients because I get to know incredible women in business like Paige. She truly inspired me to think out of the box, push the boundaries, and build a strong identity that would support her for years to come as her business grows and evolves. Together, we crafted a truly unique brand that will stand out in a saturated industry where beautiful branding is often overlooked and I’m so proud of the final result and how Paige has already put it into action.

Direction Board

final style guide


Challenges and Goals

This project presented a few unique design challenges (as every custom branding project does) Although we were creating her own brand, we were working around the Edina Realty brand standards which were quite strict. I had to make sure Paige’s brand was in line with their standards without the Edina Realty logo taking over the beautiful branding we created together. It was tricky on smaller print collateral but we kept her on brand while still being in line with her firm’s standards.

Another challenge was the positioning and language we used. We went back and forth on whether to use “Paige Gibson Homes” versus “Paige Gibson Realty” and I’m so happy we went with homes because it really elevates her branding. Our concern was because I pulled so much inspiration from the interior design world for this project, that she may be confused as a builder or a designer.

The Design Process

One main element that sets this project apart is the patterns. I actually went to a fabric store and sourced these beautiful fabrics that I scanned in and used as a background throughout the print collateral design. I love it when I client trusts my vision with an idea that’s a bit unexpected but the way the texture came through on the scan just adds a layered “homey” feel if you will.

Main Logo

Artboard 71@2000x-100.jpg

Logo Variations

Artboard 57@2000x-100.jpg
Artboard 31@2000x-100.jpg





How did you feel about your brand before we started working together?

My brand was essentially non - existent. So it was a blast to start from scratch!

What was your experience like working with Katie?

When Katie says she will get something done, it gets done & on time. Her delivery on edits and other brand assets were always timely & I truly appreciated that. She also was flexible in communication style. Rather than marking up a document I wanted to just tell her over the phone and she was super accommodating.

How has working with Katie changed the way you think about your business?

I came to Katie with an idea & a branding that wasn't typical in my industry. She took it & ran! Katie was so encouraging to think bigger and to think outside the box. Branding often times is your first impression & she made sure I make a good one!

Would you recommend hiring Katie as a brand designer? Why?

Katie is amazing at what she does. She was able to pull out all the thoughts and ideas I had in my head & bring them to fruition. Her follow-up and attention to detail make her an impeccable designer and business owner. I highly recommend trusting queenikathleeni designs with your brand.

Business Card design


Announcement Card & notecards


Buyer’s Guide


Instagram Story Templates


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