How to Attract Your Ideal Client on Instagram


Are you ready to start thinking about your feed more strategically and attract your ideal client on Instagram? Then you’re in the right place. Today I’m so excited to be sharing my tried and true tips that I use to leverage my own account with the followers I already have. As a smaller account, (around 4,100 some) I have found ways to SERVE the followers I already have, let go of the like count, and create a community of engaged followers that are interested in HIRING ME and following along with my work.

I’m passionate about this topic because I started by building my business on this platform and I continue to leverage my smaller account to book profitable work. I believe so strongly in this next statement so listen up.


Instagram constantly changes their algorithms and it is certainly not easy for smaller accounts to get their content in front of people. Here are my best tips for accounts that have around 500-5,000 followers and will help you gain exposure as a business.

1.consistency is key

The brands that show up with quality content that is original consistently are the ones that are doing best on Instagram. These accounts will grow their followings the fastest and get the most engagement.

2. hire a professional photographer & shoot brand images

At least twice a year I hire a professional photographer (I use the same one every time) to curate an on brand photo shoot. This is one of the best investments I make for my business because I pepper them into my blog and Instagram content. Not only does it create a cohesive and consistent look throughout all of my platforms, it saves me tons and tons of time. I used to take all of my own photos and now I spend those precious hours designing.

4.create an aesthetic for your feed that is appealing to your ideal client

This is so important!!! An aesthetic isn’t just to be pretty…it’s to attract YOUR IDEAL CLIENT.

5. Figure out who your ideal client is.

So many times on Instagram accounts are just shouting to the masses and seeing what sticks. If you figure out who it is that you’re actually trying to reach and talk to that one person you will have much more success. Not only will you start to attract the people that will actually book you, honing in your voice will make your account more personal.

6. show up for your brand- show your face to the camera


7. don’t be afraid to promote a post


8. create content that sells a lifestyle


9. curate the feed, blow up stories


10. serve, serve, serve, sell


11. use strategic hashtags


12. make it personal


Last but not least, if you can’t do it yourself, hire it out. Social media is such an important touch point for your brand and a smart investment. If this is not where your skill set lies or you simply don’t enjoy doing it, there are many people you can hire this out to. We are currently taking on very select instagram accounts to manage if you’re interested in our services reach out via the contact page!