Kitchen Update Inspiration


Nick and I are approaching one year in our home together and we couldn't be happier. We decided when we moved in that we wouldn't do anything super major in the first year and would save up to do the kitchen after we had lived in the space for awhile. I've changed my mind a million times but I've finally landed on the design plan so we are starting to take actual steps towards making this happen now.


After much research of what route to go, we have decided on Ikea cabinets and we will be doing it ourselves. I'd be lying if I said I'm excited about tackling this but I know it will be 100% worth it and equal parts frustrating as it will be satisfying. Above you can see the two main photos of inspiration and below are the paint colors we will be using for this project. 


We are definitely going to have to sit down and crunch numbers because this project can't break the bank as we have a wedding coming up as well. I'll be sure to share where we end up saving money and what we decided to spend. I was surprised to find how truly affordable Ikea kitchen cabinets can be.


We are facing a few design challenges and I've had to reach out to all of my design friends in order to resolve the trickiest one. Our oven and microwave are currently in the brick wall of our kitchen and we need to update these appliances eventually because they are incredibly old. So my dilemma was what to put in the brick space after we take these appliances out. Above is the solution and I'm so excited about this idea of filling this space with fire wood. 

I can't wait to continue to update you here and I'm sure I'll be sharing a bunch of updates on my Instagram stories as well. I'll need emotional support after we pull the trigger on this big purchase eeeeek!!!