Dinette Inspiration


Maybe it's the designer in me or maybe it's because I'm such a visual person but I have to mock up my ideas before I make any decisions. I've had a lot of ideas circling around in my head with our dinette space and I wanted to get them down to see if it would work in our space. I'm going for a really neutral/natural feel in the dinette with a gorgeous piece of large scale art that I will most likely make. 

We already have a lot of these pieces so we just need to finish painting and find some curtains, open shelving, a rug and switch out our chairs (okay that's actually a lot of work still). We can't seem to find the motivation to finish painting. 

I'm really excited to have open shelving in this area. We have the perfect wall space on either side of a large window and I think it they will be so fun to style and use to display some of our favorite kitchen accessories. 

I love keeping my decor really neutral and then bringing in color with greenery, artwork, and a rug. It's really a style that has worked for me so that I don't get sick of the pieces we're investing in and then they can work in multiple rooms if we want to switch things up.

Hopefully I'll have a real photo to share with you of the completed space soon!