How to Build a Direction Board- My Step by Step Process to Booking High-End Clients

Artful Branding & Direction Board by Queenikathleeni Designs

Today I’m letting you in on a BIG secret on how I book clients for my Artful Branding services. This strategy has singlehandedly booked my high-end clients over and over again and it’s an easy change to start implementing into your services: The Direction Board

I used to do a mood board and present that to my clients before the branding process officially began. This didn’t work for me for two reasons: about 95% of my clients aren’t designers (hence why they are hiring me) and really being able to grasp my vision through a mood board wasn’t sealing the deal. Once I moved to a direction board, I immediately started booking high-end clients, quicker and I haven’t looked back since.

Now, whenever I have a potential client inquire, we will do a call or meet in person so I can learn about their business and needs. I always put together a direction board after the initial meeting before the client has even decided to hire me and here’s a few reasons why. From the client’s perspective it establishes that you really want their business- you’re willing to show them what you could create for them so they have more of an incentive to book with you because now they are starting to visualize the beautiful branding that could be theirs.

I’ve learned this is super important especially when working with businesses in the non-creative fields. Not everyone can visualize design so showing them examples, design inspiration, and color palettes will get them on board faster with the direction I want to take the brand. The second reason direction boards have changed my entire design process is because they cut down on revisions (which we all know is HUGE)!!! Here’s why: A direction board is presenting design styles to your client and it will immediately help you understand what they gravitate towards.

So what’s the difference between a mood board and a direction board?