Budget Friendly Modern/Industrial Lighting


This week while I was looking for affordable ways to update our home I did an amazon search for pendant lights on a whim and was pleasantly surprised with the results. For some reason, amazon is the last place I would think to look for home decor (maybe it's just me because they basically have evvvvverything). I wanted to share some of the best options on here with you guys because you seriously can't beat these prices and the designs are exactly what I was looking for. I shared a few of these on my Instagram stories and this amazing moroccan pouf that I've seen for upwards for $300 on some other sites JAW DROPPED...$59 and it has amazing reviews. 


I'm currently shopping for a few light fixtures or really simple ways to update some that are in our home that are quite outdated and just not my style. My only advice while shopping for these is to make sure to look at the measurements on them. I realized that a lot of the pendant lights look like they would be large enough to go over a dining room table (#4) and they are actually much smaller than you would think. 

1. Linea di Liara Primo Industrial Factory Pendant Lamp $48.99

2. CLAXY Ecopower Antique Industrial Mini Glass Pendant Lighting $39.99

3. CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Edison 39.99

4. CLAXY Ecopower Industrial Barn Mini Metal Pendant Light $39.99

5. Sully Warm Brass Plug-In Wall Lamp $49.99

6. Globe Electric Mira 1-Light Hourglass Pendant $27.57

I'm hoping to share a ton more over here on the progress we are making on our house and all of the plans we have for it! We are doing everything on a budget and I've officially fallen down the rabbit hole of the world of DIY blogs and endless Pinteresting. I'm loving it a little too much. 

xo- qk

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