La Masionette Bleue

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 12.37.25 PM.png

Here is a little mood board I put together for La Maisonette Bleue (The Blue House). It is truly a collaborative space that my friend Erika (owner of Boho Indigo) has opened up for me to come over and work whenever I want or need to. It has been such a blessing during this time where my dreams for my business are bigger than the space I have to work out of right now but that is all about to change and  I'm trying to be patient (definitely not my best quality) and thankful for the space I am currently working from but I have this dream that keeps nagging at me to do large scale paintings. Aside from the space itself, having a creative friend that understands my struggles and dreams has been such a large blessing in my life this year. I've heard about other creatives talk about feeling as though they are on an island when they first started their creative business, and my experience has been no different. A large part of my work has to be completed alone so having a space to work with a creative friend who has similar goals is so healthy. Erika is still in the process of building this creative space (so stay tuned for more about this project later) but I'm so excited to bring the branding to life. I have my own little vision for the identity of La Maisonette Bleue and I'm excited to share it with you over here. Don't you just love how soft and peaceful this mood board is?!