Healthy Black Smoothie



I'm on a smoothie kick. A very healthy smoothie kick. I started working out again last night and decided it was time to kick in the cleaner eating after completely ignoring my wellness in 2015. I'm just one of those people who needs to go to the gym pretty much every day to be the best version of myself and usually it just doesn't happen. But I had a major victory of making it happen yesterday and then carried that into the kitchen last night and this morning when I made this black (green) smoothie.

This smoothie is not for the weak I tell you. It's one that if you're used to really great tasting (sweet) smoothies that you may not be able to get used to, but I love it.


A large handful of spinach

2 tbsp cocoa powder


A splash of vanilla extract (I'm pretty generous on this splash)


2 heaping tbsp of chia seeds

1 tbsp wheat germ

This morning I added some coffee grounds to mine so I could get a little jolt. I love that I can get my greens and coffee in the same smoothie. Talk about multi tasking! You can also substitute a banana instead of the blueberries so it's a bit sweeter (I haven't tried this yet.) I don't mind the bitterness of it and the cocoa powder really seems to mask the greens. There are really no rules to smoothies so experiment and let me know what you try!

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