Hello Fall

Making: A business plan Cooking: I never really cook but I'm craving my mom's apple bread, caramel apples, homemade granola and anything pumpkin flavored. Drinking: An iced vanilla latte Reading: Girl Boss Wanting: These boots but demonstrating some self-control and just lusting over them Looking: A bit disheveled Playing: Bon Iver on Spotify Wasting: less money on things I don't need Pinning: Shared living and studio spaces for obvious reasons Wishing: for an abundance of free art supplies to arrive at my door Enjoying: learning new skills from the Stationary 101 class I just completed Waiting: to launch some new products Liking: my frends headphones that I snagged for 1/3 the price Wondering: how September escaped to so quickly Loving: Nick and his ability to photograph amazing pictures without trying Hoping: for a week-long vacation Marvelling: at how life changes so quickly Needing: a donut tin for endless homemade donut experiments Smelling: crisp fall air Wearing: Lots of leopard on my feet and deciding it is a neutral in my wardrobe Following: my top 3 favorite Instagram accounts @ruffledsnob, @truelane, @designlovefest Noticing: the beautiful changing leaves Knowing: everything is going to be okay Thinking: about what a good place I'm in Bookmarking: Oh So Beautiful Paper for stationary advice Opening: up my heart to people and leaving behind what has caused pain in the past Feeling: content

Happy Fall my friends.



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