If you don't understand why I want to be a fashion illustrator living on a farm, these pictures should explain it all to you. This is my favorite place in the world and I escaped here for a day and a half (classic Etsy shop owner vacation) with my favorite person this weekend. It's the best feeling in the world to show someone a piece of your heart. I spent most of the weekend dreaming and talking about the logistics of how I plan to move to the farm sometime in the future. There is something so simple about this place. It's a one pump gas station kind of town where everyone waves to each other. There is a functioning post office though and when I found that out, my heart pretty much skipped a beat. That's the thing about being an artist, you bring your career with you wherever you go and all I really need are pencils, some paper and a post office. The thought of spending a day painting in the prairie makes me melt. It's simple for me. I want to paint and draw and talk to farm animals (like the cow Gilligan Max Madonna who we met this weekend) for the rest of my life. That's how I've changed. If you took away all of my stuff and accomplishments, I could still be happy. As long as I have my people and this place still exists, I am beyond content with my life. Photos taken by the boy, turns out he has an artistic eye…WIN.