SS Inspo #2

Inspiration for my summer line. (photos via Amy Sia, Dallas Shaw, Rifle Paper Co., Kate Spade and various Pinterest boards)

I'm going to make this quick because I'm running low on sleep and I have to work at the boutique today. I could not sleep last night for some reason but I was incredibly productive yesterday so I'll chalk it up as a win. I was unsure if I wanted to come out with a summer line or just take a break and do some more fashion illustrations for my shop. Yesterday I decided I do in fact want to come out with one more line before my shop turns one. So my summer collection will be an expansion of my spring collection because I feel like I didn't make everything I wanted to. When I have something in mind to make and I haven't made it, I get so antsy. I have to drop everything and draw (that could be a new thing…I'm going to call it D.E.A.D. are you following me?) Anyway, I feel incredibly lazy when I'm not pumping out work. I was very focused when I was building my first two collections. I had the patience to sit down for five hours every night and make an illustration in one sitting. I don't have that time or patience anymore, mainly because of these things called emails and actually having a life. That is the main reason why I no longer concentrate on fashion illustrations. THEY TAKE UP SO MUCH DANG TIME. I'll mix a few into this line just like my spring line.

Here is what you can expect from my summer line:

Lots more pink, paintings galore, rugs, shoe illustrations, pineapples, pink oranges (I'm serious), a whole line of gold-plated phone cases, polka dots, floral, more pattern and hopefully launching my first letter pressed card (FINGERS CROSSED!!!!!)

Thanks for stopping by!