What I Need


I'm never going to have this figured out like I would like to and that's fine. I'm actually not a huge fan of people who have it all together because what is the fun in that? I have gotten through my shop to do list successfully once since opening my shop. ONE TIME. I've been doing this for almost a year. Gosh, I wish I had it more together but I am a last second type of person. Maybe I don't prepare enough. I know for a fact I have a hard time prioritizing things but I am the best at procrasti-working and I make really cool stuff when I get a hunch so I typically go with it. I've come up with the coolest ideas when I am supposed to be doing other projects. It's something I constantly need to work on but at the same time, I will figure it out. That's how I've always been. I will figure it out by myself. I don't need help….

Turns out, I need help. And I'm not talking about the kind where people come and help me package stuff (although that would be sweet too) I am talking about the kind of help where someone asks me what I do and I mention my jobs but I leave out the artist part and someone chimes in and adds it into the conversation. I need the kind of help that is an email from my handmade bestie Amina from Studio Mucci asking if I want to talk on the phone about my shop struggles. I need people that are accepting of what I want to do and not questioning.

I don't need anyone to tell me what is good, I've let go of the whole needing "likes" on my pictures situation…you can tell by what I'm posting. I need my people. The ones who know my heart and my intentions, not just my shop and my faceless girls. I need someone who is going to give me a pat on the booty telling me to keep chasing that stationary dream no matter how low funds are. I need to work part-time jobs for people who are fulfilling a dream of their own and are genuinely interested in my life (which is exactly what I'm doing). I need people that will be excited for me reach a goal and convince me that I can still get the ones that feel out of reach. I need people that help me focus and prioritize.

I can't chase this dream by myself. It's not simple.