Do What You Can

Oh gosh, where to even start. This month was very tough. It was definitely a transition stage and it didn't go quite as smoothly as I had planned. I was very lonely and I had a hard time keeping my mind in a healthy place because of that. When my mind isn't happy, I have an impossible time creating beautiful things or even wanting to do art at all and when you are full-time, that's unacceptable.

Some days were great and I did art the entire day and other days it was hard getting myself out of bed before eleven o'clock (I'll write more on why that isn't the biggest deal in the world later). Creating is mentally exhausting. If I don't get it just right when I'm sketching or I don't like the final outcome, I get frustrated. I'm learning to accept the things I create that I don't like because it's all a part of the process. It would be crazy for me to think that everything I create, I'm going to be in love with, right? Right.

I have a game plan now. When I have a plan, I am one dangerous individual. I had a plan when I first started this thing and then I went through the motions for a while when I was experiencing my first holiday season (barely keeping my head above water). I picked up another part-time job so I have more human interaction (and funds) and I'm very excited about it. It's a little boutique in Wayzata right on Lake Minnetonka, perfect for this summer. There is a stationery store right across the way and a bridal boutique upstairs, perfect networking opportunities for me. I'm hoping this will just get me up and going more because it is not as fun as I thought it would be to be stuck in my apartment all of the time…with only my own echoes. I'M SLOWLY DYING OVER HERE.

Long story short, March was an interesting one and I think I can do better in April.

1// I started eating cleaner and working out for my mental health. Killing two birds with one stone here and sketching lemons and then juicing them.

2// A cute little casual sketch: destroyed boy friend jeans, iced coffee, and leopard loafers with a pop of pink

3// A custom illustration for a giveaway winner. Love this look.

4// My summer wardrobe sitting out as workout motivation.

5// A late night paint session. Trying out new techniques. My mood definitely showed up on the canvas.

6// Trying to bring Spring.

7// Sweaters and a cup of joe.

8// Watermelon print.

9// Playing around with gold paint.