Sass Attack.

Making: my Valentine's day line Cooking: Sloppy Joe's last night! Can you believe it? I never cook. Drinking: Iced Skinny Venti Caramel Macchiato. The only coffee drink. Reading: Tons of inspirational quotes that you can find on my Pinterest  board here Wanting: a studio. Looking: forward to the day I have a team. Playing: Beyonce's new album (must have) and JT's 20/20 experience. ON REPEAT. Wasting: time answering emails and blogging. Pinning: branding inspiration since I am lucky enough to be working on 2 logo projects Wishing: I could personally thank everyone for all of their support. Enjoying: my new apartment. It is everything to me and I worked very hard to be able to live here. Waiting: for a lot of email responses…pet peeve. Liking: all things Valentine's Day. You have to be ahead of the game if you're a shop owner. Wondering: if my next show will be a success. If you're local, please come. Loving: MY NEW HAIR. Hoping: that I don't ever forget where I came from. Marvelling: over how far I've come in such a small amount of time. Needing: an assistant. Wearing: beanies and more beanies. Following: Love Your Melon on their journey across the country to donate hats to cancer patients. Noticing: you attract what you are Knowing: I can do it. Thinking: I'd be nothing without my mother busting her butt for OUR business. I got it from my mama. Bookmarking: this Etsy shop. Former Tommie and shop owner. Opening: my mind to the power of positive thinking. Giggling: about the amount of projects I took on. oooops. Feeling: a bit stressed, yet blessed.



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