These images don't need a lot of words. I spent Christmas here and it's my favorite place on earth. It's breathtakingly beautiful, quiet and inspiring. I took long walks by myself and cleared  my mind from the chaos that the past few months have brought. It was a wonderful break filled with food, a wood burning fire, outfits worn too many days in a row and wool socks. I am seriously considering moving there within the next ten years of my life and illustrating from my little farm and raising horses. I'm not kidding. I could definitely run my business there and it would be an amazing simple life. Oh, how I have changed since graduating college. Life is funny.

I am officially back to working 2/3 of my jobs after 17 days off and I will be 3/3 starting tomorrow. I hope you enjoyed a little break as well.



*All pictures taken with an iphone and they were all edited in iphone apps (vscocam and afterlight) I was having fun playing around with the color and many of them are over edited, but pretty nonetheless.