RAW Mpls

I am RAW! A quick update from the show.

::1:: Feeling very much like a fashion blogger outside of the venue. Such a cool graffiti wall...couldn't pass it up!

::2:: My best friend surprised me at the show and stayed the whole time. The photo booth got a lot of love from me and my guests.

::3:: No caption needed.

::4:: My Dad snuck in the photo booth...hilarity ensued.

::5:: Glamming up was a bit tricky with this one during the day. She watched Barney, painted her nails and wore a pumpkin shirt while I did my hair and makeup and wore a fur vest from Parc Boutique, a polka-dotted blouse from Hot Mamma, JCrew cropped pants and booties from Aldo.

::6:: My best friends never disappoint.

::7:: My display. I was quite pleased with how it turned out.

::8:: After the show. I was exhausted and thankfully I survived my first show...barely. I got up at 7 to nanny until 3:00 and then it was straight to downtown Minneapolis to set up and we didn't get out of there until 1am! Talk about a full day.

::9:: QK at RAW with my partner in crime. I truly can't thank Emily and Sarah enough for staying through my whole show and helping me promote my work! I love you gals.

I promise to never post this many pictures of myself ever again. The next post will be filled with art!

Thanks for stopping by!