It's Fine

I kid you not, I spent most of the day sitting in my studio doing a whole lot of nothing (it is my favorite place). I thought about what needed to be done, I wrote some lists, I moved things around and I stared at some drawings that were almost done. But, I didn't accomplish much of anything and I was proud of myself. I had a realization that I was doing too much in the past month and it wasn't working too well for me. It was working great for my business, but not for me. I had a realization that my business will grow and I don't need to try to make it happen all at once and lose my mind at the same time. I have always been the type to want to make things happen and that is one of my better qualities but it gets to a point where it can be too much. I hit that point and it was hard because I hate saying no to opportunities more than anything. In the past few weeks I learned how to say no to new projects and it was an amazing stress reliever. I made time to watch some trashy TV this week and meet up with old friends for coffee instead. All of the sudden my business seemed much more fun and that is what it should be right now when it is not my primary source of income.

What I've been up to:

::1:: Sketching dream catchers. These little guys are practice for my next big drawing...can't wait.

::2:: This was one of my first fashion illustrations. I think it is so fun to see how illustrating styles change over time. I did this drawing in 2009 and you can definitely see the roots of my current work in this piece but it has evolved a bit.

::3:: Wearing my "sorry I'm late" shirt from Mindy Mae's Market. This shirt is perfect for me because I'm always so frazzled when I'm late and this shirt says it all.

::4:: My illustrating schedule for the next two weeks, which is why I've got problems...

::5:: A commissioned piece I did for two ex teammates of mine. This piece was so fun because I knew this couple before they were dating and while they were first meeting each other. I love how Mal wanted to incorporate Sam's tattoo because it is so unique and recognizable.

::6:: Some of my gals struttin' their stuff :)

::7:: That one time when I sketched a girl with a face and it turned out decent. A necklace I'm drawing for a giveaway that I am very excited about! Details coming very soon, I promise.

My show is this Thursday at the venue (downtown Minneapolis on 1st ave) from 8pm-11pm. If you would like to come and haven't bought tickets yet you can do so here. I am very excited for this night and I hope I can pull it all together just in time!!