Insta Update

Here are a few pictures from my Instagram feed of my life lately.

1:: Testing out my new hand-me-down drafting desk which I love. It is living at my Mom's house right now but when I get my own place it will probably be the center point of a room.

2:: Cooking for the second time all summer before my best friend went back to PA school. My cooking skills need some work but the home grown basil was amazing.

3:: Coffee from launch day. I had to tie a pink festive ribbon on it for the big day!

4:: Emulating one of my favorite fashion illustrators and trying out a new style.

5:: Soaking up the last of the summer sun at Lake Harriet while nannying...what a job! (and getting used to letting my hair be its natural wild self)

6:: Stopped for coffee at Dunn Bros before going to story time at the library. The coffee sleeve was oh so appropriate. Coffee and books! We dipped our toes in the kiddie pool too!

::7:: The latest illustration of my collection.

::8:: We are one in the same.

::9:: Launch party invites illustrated by moi!

::10:: A few of my favorite illustrations from the summer.