Some Fall Inspiration and a Deadline

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**All pictures from Pinterest

15 days until Etsy!!!

Within the past few months, I have found endless places to attain inspiration from. Since I draw mostly from pictures, I am constantly looking at fashion magazines, Pinterest and Instagram for images that inspire me. Right now I have 1,500 pictures saved on the camera roll waiting to be drawn (a little crazy, I know!) Here are a few pictures of inspiration that you can expect to see pop up in my fall collection. I usually take pieces from a few photos and combine them to make an illustration. For example, I'll take the hair from one picture and the shoes from another and then use my imagination for the outfit.

I am so excited to have so many projects in the works but after this next wave of commissioned illustrations are completed, I plan to take a little break and draw a bunch of my own ladies to put in the shop. I will probably start on my holiday collection soon as well. I would love to have greeting cards, notecards and to/from stickers ready for this holiday season if time permits. The possibilities are endless!!

Lastly, my Etsy shop should be opening in 15 days at the latest. My goal all along was to have it launch by the 31st of August and I can't believe it's actually going to happen. I called my best friend today to update her on all of my art news and we were talking about how we couldn't have imagined all of this three months ago when I first told her I was going to open my own shop. When most people were saying, "you're crazy to do that right now", she responded, "I will be disappointed in you if you don't (open your own shop)." Best friends always know just what to say. I have been working incredibly hard to meet this goal and it will easily be one of my proudest moments when I print, package and ship the first order! And of course there will be a launch party for my I need to go draw the invitation!!

Thanks for reading!