A Giveaway and An Update


Yesterday was a very eventful day for Queenikathleeni Designs. Lots and lots of meetings and exciting projects are in progress. I had a branding meeting with the one and only Jenna Cossette (the head designer at TommieMedia.com)! She is amazing and I am so excited to receive all of her wonderful designs for queenikathleeni. She had the brilliant idea to have custom stamps made of my logo so I can quickly brand the back of my prints, cards and packaging. Everything was so perfect and exactly what I had envisioned.

On a whim I stopped into a local boutique to shop around and the owner was working. We have been talking and I am going to start working (and crafting) there on the weekends and possibly sell some of my prints in the shop. I am so excited about this because it is right down the street from where I live and I will get to meet people in the area and hang out with other artists. Not to mention, they have craft nights every Thursdays with wine.

Then I was contacted about having my art displayed in a local coffee shop. It was quite the mystery for a while because I haven't contacted any coffee shops about my art but a little sweet birdie left some contact info with this coffee shop and I'm so happy she did. If all goes well I will be hanging up about 9 pieces in the shop and they will be there for all of September. It should be great advertising and they will be for sale at the shop while they are hanging up.

Lastly, I accepted a nanny job for a new family that is also in my neighborhood. This was a very hard decision for me because this summer I have really been battling the idea of not having a "real" job and deciding to take the path less traveled. I recently decided that a job at an office doesn't fit me right now and that I don't want to put everything I've been working so hard to build on hold. I have been slowly convincing myself that I do have several real jobs and that one path isn't right for everyone. I decided nannying gives me the most flexibility to continue to pursue my dream and I will do whatever it takes to keep traveling this path because it makes me so incredibly happy. I feel so blessed that everyone close to me has encouraged me to continue with my art and they have been supportive beyond belief. So thank you to you guys!!

I'm off to print, package and ship!