I have been very busy finishing up my collection before I start the logistics of opening my Etsy shop. I had no idea how much work it actually takes to open up a shop and I can't wait until I reach this much-anticipated goal. My goal is to have it up and running by August 31st but I would love to have the site up in two weeks. My collection will always be growing and added to once the site is up and one of the biggest challenges for me is to pull myself away from my art and do the business side of things.

This post features the notecards that will be in my shop. Most of them will also be available as prints as well. (notecards are 5x7 and prints are 8x10) I am figuring out last minute details with how everything will be packaged and it is all so exciting for me to be able to put my personalized touches on those small details.

Lastly, the final piece was a commission I worked very hard on for a couple that was getting engaged. I actually don't know the couple personally so that was a new landmark, but her sister commissioned the piece and we were good friends in high school. I think I will always look back on this piece and remember how special this client made me feel. I'm always flattered when people trust me to draw them (or someone else in this case) but knowing that this was an engagement present for the couple, I wanted to make sure I reflected the couple as closely as the client described. I have many more commissions in the works right now and I love doing them so much. I'm always excited to get a new project and collaborate to bring a vision to life.