Introducing ::Margo::

Meet Margo! I wasn't sure which direction I was going to take her while I was drawing her but I am so excited with the way her ombre skirt turned out. Ombre is a trend that I'm not so fond of, but if it looked like this with sparkles and a dangerously high slit...I would be into it. I gave her a pop of neon with extra pointy pumps and a matching blouse.

Last night I was doodling and came up with these eyelashes. I think it would make a fab print or card so I think I'm going to do a final version of it in a bigger size and see how it goes. I feel like it would be great hanging in a bathroom or beside a vanity.

I'm getting very excited to open my shop, although the process is much harder than I originally thought it would be. I get closer and closer every day. Right now I am in the process of finding a great printer and finalizing packaging, shipping and branding details.