Hi I’M Katie, aka queenikathleeni

Hey, friend!

I’m Katie, the artist//designer//entrepreneur behind queenikathleeni.

My creativity is powered by coffee, beauty in my surroundings, and trying to be more like Beyonce everyday.

how it all began…

The nickname itself started in college. My Twitter handle was @queenikathleeni -she was a-little-extra, a-lot-of-fun, and she always filled the room.

I started queenikathleeni fresh out of college, 22-years-young, with no experience to speak of--especially in design OR business.

Determined to take the path less traveled, I knew I wanted to follow my true passions in life while using up every bit of the creativity I’d been blessed with. And, in turn, I knew I could use it to bless others and build them up.

For 4+ years, I built my business as a side-hustle while working my “day job.” Pouring any extra hours into queeni was certainly never easy, but it was so worth it.

here’s what i learned along the way…

It taught me about determination--that with passion behind you, hours in the day are a small detail.

It taught me about growth--what you put into something, you’ll surely get back tenfold, but you have to be ready to grow alongside your business; even when it’s hard, even when it’s unclear.

It taught me about serving people--it is my greatest joy to bring your dreams to life. That can only happen by truly listening to what is coming directly from your heart and passion--and using every ounce of creativity to bring it to light.


Build a Life that’s even more beautiful than the brand you’ve built

…and we are in the business of building really beautiful brands. So let us do the heavy lifting and let your brand work for you so you can go build a beautiful life.


As in, business should fuel your life--not the other way around.

2. Focus on your best, outsource the rest.

Why spend time on what others can do better? (Especially when it gives you a headache.)

3. People over projects.



Yes, even in sub zero Minnesota winters

favorite movie: a star is born


ipa beer drinker and antiquer